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The base price of The Classic Dome is Euro 3800,- with Hiscox case and Waverly tuners.
Non-EU countries Euro 3170,-
The Classic Dome guitars feature the RMC piezo pickups and RMC Poly Drive II external pre-amp. Left handed models and non-cutaway available to order; no price change. 

The Jazz Dome features a Barbera piezo pickup, either with or without an onboard Fishman Presys + pre-amp.
The base price of The Jazz Dome is Euro 3800,- ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 3170,-) with Hiscox case and Waverly tuners, Barbera pickup.  Euro 4200,-  ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 3520,-)  with onboard Fishman Presys + pre-amp. 
Please note for the guitars without onboard pre-amp; no external pre-amps are available at Slaman Guitars; this way you can choose and personalise your pre-amp which are worldwide commercially available.

The Torres Dome with top and back and back herringbone, Barbera pickup, no preamp, ivory (black optional) Hiscox case Euro 4600,-  ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 3840,-)
The Torres Dome with top, back and side herringbone, Barbera pickup, no pre-amp, ivory (black optional) Hiscox case Euro 5000,-  ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 4200,-)
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