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Price List as of January 2018

Waiting List.

Due to demand and work load, all Dome guitar orders received in 2018 will have a 1,5 year wait time; delivery will be in 2019.
Guitars made without order are sometimes available and will then appear on the website; an opportunity to avoid the waiting list. Please feel free to check the Stock list on the site to see what is available, and the Expected list to see what will become available.

The base price of The Classic Dome is Euro 4500,- with Hiscox case and Waverly tuners.
Non-EU countries Euro 3720,-
The Classic Dome guitars feature the RMC piezo pickups and RMC Poly Drive II external pre-amp. Left handed models and non-cutaway available to order; no price change. 

The Jazz Dome features a Barbera piezo pickup, either with or without an onboard Fishman Presys + pre-amp.
The base price of The Jazz Dome is Euro 4500,- ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 3720,-) with Hiscox case and Waverly tuners, Barbera pickup.  Euro 4750,-  ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 3926,-)  with onboard Fishman Presys + pre-amp. 
Please note for the guitars without onboard pre-amp; no external pre-amps are available at Slaman Guitars; this way you can choose and personalise your preferred pre-amp which are worldwide commercially available.

The Old School Dome features a vintage Ovation piezo pickup (late seventies till mid eighties) and a vintage onboard Ovation pre-amp from the same era (either FET with stacked volume/tone control, OP24 or FET 3)
The base price of The Old School Dome is Euro 4900,- ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 4150,-) with Hiscox case and Waverly tuners.

The Torres Dome with top and back and back herringbone, Barbera pickup, no preamp, ivory (black optional) Hiscox case Euro 5000,-  ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 4124,-)
The Torres Dome with top, back and side herringbone, Barbera pickup, no pre-amp, ivory (black optional) Hiscox case Euro 5250,-  ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 4339,-)

All Dome guitars feature a handmade, uniquely designed by Slaman Guitars, brass tailpiece. 5 micron gold plating available at additional Euro 250,- ( Non-EU countries Euro Euro 207,-)

Antique finish optional on all models, as well as brand new hand polished finish, all in traditional nitro cellulose lacquer.
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