Old School Dome # 38218 - nylonstringjazzguitar

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Old School Dome # 38218

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The Old School Dome # 38218 is a Spanish cypress back and side guitar.  The guitar features an Ovation piezo pickup from the mid eighties of the previous century and a FET3 pre-amp that came from the same donor guitar. Volume control with bass, mid and treble slides that work very well with a useful musical quality to them. Transparent acrylic tortoise Access panel in the back of the guitar for battery change.

The top of the guitar is made in old growth Sitka spruce. The back and sides are Spanish cypress, Spanish cedar neck with an Australian Gidgee fingerboard. Ringed Gidgee is a unique and rare Australian hardwood. It is known for its depth of colour, beautiful figure and extreme hardness. Gidgee is classified as the 3rd hardest wood in the world, according to The Wood Data Base, making it an excellent wood for fingerboards.
What we call '' flamed' in maple is called 'Ringed' in Gidgee; this guitar features a ringed Gidgee fingerboard. The trees that are used in Slaman guitars have been dead for many years; no living tree is cut down! 
The Ringed Gidgee is a member of the Acacia family (same family as Koa). It grows in arid regions of Australia resulting in dense hard wood like Desert Ironwood. The gidgee thrives in challenging terrains. Both provide nutrients and protection, thus fostering a mini ecosystem in and around them. The slow-growing gidgee may hang on for hundreds of years and produces one of Australia‚Äôs hardest and most durable timbers.

Handmade tailpiece designed by Slaman Guitars, Waverly 'Sloane' tuners. Antiqued nitro cellulose finish.

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