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News 2020

News 2020
January 2020

Daniel Slaman Guitars introduces the Guitars Support Children Foundation in January 2020.

The ‘Guitars Support Children Foundation’ is a private Foundation in The Netherlands, aiming to support children in need of better health care, education, safety and access to culture, anywhere in the world.
The Foundation distributes funds among charitable organisations that are working for the benefit of children.

All information is available at the website of the Foundation at
Waiting List.

Due to demand and work load, all Dome guitar orders received in 2020 will have a 1,5 year wait time; delivery will be in 2021.
Guitars made without order are sometimes available and will then appear on the website; an opportunity to avoid the waiting list. Please feel free to check the Stock list on the site to see what is available, and the Expected list to see what will become available.
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