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News 2018

January 2018

Waiting List.

Due to demand and work load, all Dome guitar orders received in 2018 will have a 1,5 year wait time; delivery will be in 2019.

Guitars made without order are sometimes available and will then appear on the website; an opportunity to avoid the waiting list. Please feel free to check the Stock list on the site to see what is available.

New model: the Old School Dome

The first of a new series of nylon string jazz guitars, the Old School Dome, was delivered to Pat Metheny on November 7th, 2017. Read all about it here (# 37717 for Pat Metheny) and here (general features of the Old School Dome).
New Dome guitars for 2018

- Customer's order; 7 string left hand Dome (Netherlands)

- Customer's order; Il Duomo (Great Britain)

- Customer's order; Jazz Dome left hand (Germany)

- available soon: Jazz Dome # 37617, Barbera piezo pickup, onboard Fishman pre-amp

- available soon: Old School Dome, Ovation piezo and Fet 3 pre-amp

- available soon: 'White Face' Old School Dome # 38518, Ovation piezo and FET stacked volume/tone pre-amp
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