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The Dome
The Dome has a wonderful acoustic sound, but of course in situations where the guitar is played with other musicians amplification is needed. The Dome offers 2 choices of state-of-the-art amplification; RMC piezo pickups and an RMC pre-amp, or Barbera piezo pickup with or without Fishman pre-amp.

The RMC piezo‚Äôs have factory-matched outputs for even string sound, excellent synth tracking and dynamic response. The RMC Poly-Drive II is a 6 channel polyphonic preamp with 3-band equalizer and guitar/synth controls in a Direct Box format.

Barbera Transducer Systems is a specialized company devoted to the development and production of the finest quality pickups available for acoustic guitar and other instruments.
The pickup can be used plugged in directly into an acoustic guitar amplifier, or with external pre-amp.
Slaman Guitars offers a built-in pre-amp option: Fishman Presys which is a great match with the Barbera.

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